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Sunday, 05 February 2006 00:00

Vajrayogini Mantra

BAMThere is a number of ways to visualize the Vajrayogini mantra around the seed letter BAM. Common to all traditions is the 9th Yoga (of Verbal and Mental Recitation) with the BAM standing on a moon cushion inside two intersecting tetrahedrons, the dharmodayo (more about it in the FAQs section). See an animated  rendition in example 1 below.

Here is the (1 line) Sanskrit version:

Vajrayogini Mantra in Sanskrit

Here the mantra garland in Sanskrit:

Vajrayogini Mantra in Sanskrit

How the syllables are arranged around the BAM counter-clockwise is subject to a different view in the Sakya and the Gelug lineages. In the Sakya tradition it reads the syllables and in the Gelug the letters in an anti-clockwise fashion. You can view or download the chart comapring both views from here.

The other difference going through all traditions is whether the mantra stands or circles around the BAM. Examples 1 - 3 follow the first interpretation, example 4 the latter.

Animated Versions:
[example 1] [example 2] [example 3] [example 4 (memory intensive!)]

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