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Sunday, 05 February 2006 18:03
Losal GyatsoSakya Lama, Tibet, 1502 - 1566.

Tsharchen Losal Gyatso was the great founder of the Tsharpa sub-sect of the Sakya tradition. Tsharchen Losal Gyatso resided at the Dar Drangmochen Monastery in Tsang province, Tibet. He possessed all the qualities and virtues of saint and scholar. He studied with sixty-three masters from the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism without any bias and received all profound teachings that were available in Tibet the time. Tsharchen Losal Gyatso was able to reach high level of realizations with Vajra Yogini as his guardian.

Given the omniscient qualities of Tsharchen Losal Gyatso, he attracted a vast number of students from all traditions. Tsharchen Losal Gyatso came to be the second "Vajradhara of our age of discord". Tsharchen Losal Gyatso was a disciple of Doringpa Kunpang Chenpo and his two primary disciples were Khyentse Wangchuk and Ludrup Gyamtsho who continued to maintain the Tsharpa lineage.
  • TBRC Resource Code: P786
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