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Home Practice Lineage Common Lineage 12. Dromton Phagpa Lodro Gyaltsen
12. Dromton Phagpa Lodro Gyaltsen PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 February 2006 11:15
Dromton PhagpaBetter known as Chogyal Phagpa this great Sakya master lived from 1235 to 1280 C.E. He was the other one of Two Red Masters (of the Five Sakya Patriarchs). Drogon Chogyal Phagpa was the son of Zhangtha, and was the nephew of Sakya Pandita. He gave his first Hevajra teaching when he was eight. Due to this event he was called the Noble one phags pa. He mastered the inner and outer teachings, Kalachakra and majority of the teachings knowin in Tibet at that time.

Chogyal Phagpa, invited by the Mongol Emperor, invented a new script for the purpose of writing the Mongolian language. Kublai Khan was so impressed by Phagpa's performance that he declared Buddhism the state religion of Mongolia and presented him the rulership of the three provinces of Tibet. Chogyal Phagpa was the first person in Tibetan history to gain religious and secular authority over the entire country.

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