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Sunday, 05 February 2006 10:23
Mahasiddha NaropaIndian Mahasiddha, India, 1012 - 1100.  The Indian Buddhist Tantric master Naropa is the archetype of a Mahasiddha. First, a renowned scholar at the famous Monastic University of Nalanda, he leaves his position after his first encounter with Vajrayogini (in the form of an old woman - cf. No. 2) and starts a life od a wandering yogi. He seeks out Tilopa who introduces him to Tantric practices subjecting him to all kinds of severe test. Naropa emerges from those years with Tilopa as a fully realized Mahasiddha who becomes the teacher of Marpa, the translator.

  • The Life and Teaching of Naropa, by Herbert Guenther
  • Songs of Naropa, by Thrangu Rinpoche, transl. by Erik Schmidt
  • The Six Yogas of Naropa, by Je Tsongkhapa, transl. by Glenn Mullin.
  • TBRC Resource Code: P3085
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