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Sunday, 05 February 2006 00:00

In the visualization the dharmakara comes from two letters E (in Lantsa - an old Indo-Tibetan script) which somewhat resemble a triangle. The first letter is written as usual and faces forward the second E stands above the first and faces to the back.  The two letters are standing vertically one above the other. 

DharmakaraFrom a transformation of the two E letters are two red dharmakaras, three-sided, joined; each E letter produces a tetrahedron with the points facing down and the broad flat side up.  The two tetrahedrons are merged to produce one object with the point down and the flat top appearing like a star with six points as seen from above.  The outside is usually described as white (with a red tinge) and the inside red.


The dharmakara represents the source of nature or reality, phenomena source, the source of all things.  The three sides represent the Three Doors to Liberation (wishlessness, signlessness and emptiness itself).  Wishlessness is not anticipating the future; signlessness is not grasping at whatever appears in the present and emptiness is not grasping after the past.  The dharmakara also takes the place of the Celestial Palace as found in other practices.
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