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Home Imagery Vajrayogini's Pure Land & Mandala Vajrayogini in Her Pure Land
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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 04:58

There are different Pure Lands associated with different Buddhas. Pure Dakini Land (Skt: kechara) is similar to the Pure Lands of Tushita and Sukhavati, except that Heruka and Vajrayogini's Pure Land is the only one in which beings can receive teachings on Highest Yoga Tantra and put them into practice. Those who are very old and infirm reaching her Pure Land will no longer experience the sufferings of old age and sickness. All signs of their old age will disappear and they will be transformed into sixteen-year-olds of great beauty and vitality, enjoying an endless life span. All the enjoyments they desire will appear spontaneously. They will never be reborn in samsara again, unless they choose to for compassionate reasons. Everyone who reaches this Pure Land will receive teachings on Highest Yoga Tantra directly from Heruka and Vajrayogini and thereby attain enlightenment quickly.

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